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Life in the time of corona

Feb 1, 2022

Life in the time of corona

Once again, the Omicron strains are running rampant all over Japan.

The company I was working for at the time when corona became rampant was relatively flexible in dealing with corona and in fact, I used to commute for more than two hours one way, but after corona, I could start working from home. Due to staggered work and then flextime work, I personally could survive such a condition. I once spent more than 4 hours round trip every day and worked at the company being tied to working hours from 9 am to 17:30.

I think that IP work has many aspects that are familiar to working from home, but even so, there are voices in the industry that complete work from home has various problems, and in the end, there are differences in values for working styles. They may collide with each other.

Right now, I try to avoid unnecessarily going out as much as possible and to stay at home. Now that essential workers are doing their best, what we can do is avoid actions that cause infection as much as possible, and when it is our turn, we will be vaccinated. Regarding IP business, I think that it is possible to provide services in a form close to completely online by mastering all kinds of tools, so I have tried to provide services of the same quality.

If you continue to work remotely and feel tired even though your body is not moving so much, we recommend that you read this book. It seems that there is actually quite a bit of stress from remote work.

By the way, as you often see in the photos on this blog, I like sweets a lot, and I used to make the AT (Afternoon Tea) tour. Now I look forward to eating sweets at home.