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An industry where it is essential to continue learning

Feb 1, 2022

An industry where it is essential to continue learning

Regardless of the IP industry, I think that there are many situations where it is necessary to continue learning in the world of scholarship (when dealing with the law, there is a law revision, and there are various things depending on the needs of the client. There will be occasions when knowledge of the field is required), and when it comes to patents, it is necessary to always have knowledge of the latest technology, which is an industry in which it is essential to continue learning.

In addition, fields such as AI and data science have been used in various industries across the board these days, and even in the world of chemistry and biotechnology, which would have been far from those fields a long time ago, it is now commonplace. As these fields are entering, even bio-experts need to have some knowledge of AI and data science, and it will be a continuous study every day.

Even though I myself studied biotechnology when I was a student, after that I started working as an IT engineer, and even after I changed to the IP industry, I was in charge of projects in various fields. In reality, I feel that I have been studying for a long time since I started working.

By the way, I originally wanted to study pharmaceutical sciences and recently the recurrent program has been enhanced, so when I searched for a course that I could learn about pharmaceutical sciences, Osaka University offered such a course.


Since it became a completely online class from the second year because of covid-19, I could listen to valuable stories of people who are active in the industry as lectures, and people who are active in the industry. It was a very fulfilling lesson content, such as having a lecture and completing tasks.

Like learning a foreign language, I realized that it is a good time to learn various things in parallel.