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Creation of office HP Part 2

Feb 1, 2022

Creation of office HP Part 2

When creating my own office website, the first thing I considered was the privacy policy and site policy. I also considered online payments, so I also considered notations based on the Japan Act of Specified Commercial Transactions. This is because I wanted to clarify what should be decided in advance, considering that there are no end to troubles caused by information on the Internet these days. It may be the minimum etiquette on the internet these days (it may be an obligation from the point of view of being legally required).

The reference at that time was the website of the law firm of the lawyers. Even on the websites of patent attorneys’ patent offices, there were places where privacy policies and site policies were in place, but it was said that law firms were more helpful in terms of text. It’s an impression. In addition, I think that there are actually many places that have introduced online payment in the same industry, but in the first place, there are many offices that do not specify payment methods and fees on the Internet, which is just for business. It may be because it is difficult to price due to its nature (there are many unpredictable parts such as the occurrence of OA, and the cost of foreign projects comes from overseas agents, so it is quite difficult).

Personally, I tried to set the charges that can be set in advance as much as possible, keeping in mind that it would be as easy to use as possible from the user’s point of view.

As for credit card payments, as a result of various investigations, we decided to introduce Stripe because we do not require users to create an account. Stripe seems to be the payment method that WordPress also recommends.

As I introduced in the previous article, here is a book that I referred to about building HP with WordPress.

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