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Patent attorney and study of general law

Feb 8, 2022

Patent attorney and study of general law

In order to become a patent attorney, we have to study the Patent Law, Practical New Idea Law, Design Law, and Trademark Law, and in the short answer test (alternative test), further to study the treaty, copyright law, and unfair competition prevention law. (Furthermore, there are elective courses, and you need to select one course from science and engineering courses or civil law to take the test, but there are exemptions for obtaining a master’s degree, etc.).

If you specialize in the core work of patent attorneys, there is almost no problem if you have these legal subjects in mind (and patent attorneys are generally specialized in patent law). Because it is subdivided, if you specialize in patents, you will mostly use the patent law, and only related treaties will be used.) Those who have knowledge of general laws such as the Civil Litigation Law will be able to work fairly smoothly in practice.

I myself took the specific infringement proceedings examination and was qualified to act as an agent for the specific infringement proceedings jointly with a lawyer, so I studied the parts related to these specific infringement proceedings in the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure. Perhaps because I was in a law firm, I personally studied a little about corporate law, etc., so that I could supplement the knowledge required in actual practice each time.

By the way, about a year ago, I was told by people in the industry that such a book was published, and it was quite helpful. The content explains the outline of each law in a well-balanced manner at a level that even people who have never learned law can easily understand the law that so-called lawyers learn. If there is a book like this, even ordinary people can get a chance to imagine what is the problem from a state where they do not understand at all when there is a legal problem that is a little troublesome in their daily lives, which is very good.