What is cultured meat?

Feb 4, 2022

What is cultured meat?

At noon today (2022.2.4), I spoke about cultured meat as a speaker for the first time at Clubhouse (American Intellectual Property and Legal on Clubhouse). At the end, the club spread to topics like the actual situation of electric cars and American law schools, and it became a lively club for three hours. I would like to summarize related information about the cultured meat that I talked about today.

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First of all, what is cultured meat?

Roughly speaking, it is the meat that is artificially reproduced from the cellular level of the animal meat that humans are currently eating. Is it just like artificial meat that can be made in the lab.

However, artificial meat gives the general consumer the impression that something is unfamiliar, so the naming of cultured meat (which still seems to be one for general consumers) is as it is. Personally, I think it’s okay to get the point. Also, in order to mass-produce enough to actually deliver to consumers, it will be made in a factory-like place (a bioreactor, which is easy to imagine is like a brewery), not in a lab.

The advantages of cultured meat are that it can achieve a texture and taste closer to that of real meat than alternative meat (which uses soybeans as a raw material and provides a texture and taste closer to actual meat), and regarding the manufacturing process, by being able to provide safer foods, and eliminating the process of actually raising and slaughtering livestock products, there is the potential to solve various problems from an environmental and animal protection perspective, and thus now worldwide, it is an area that has received a lot of attention.

However, it seems that only Singapore has actually licensed the sale of cultured meat in the world, so what kind of regulations and approvals should be promoted in each country for this new food field of cultured meat in the future? , The discussion from a legal point of view seems to be going on. Also, regarding the Islamic halal certification, it seems that discussions will proceed in the future as to how to think about this cultured meat. In addition, it seems that research on cultured fish meat related to fish is progressing, and there was information that in some cases fish may be approved earlier than meat.

In any case, I personally feel positive that this cultured meat will be a useful way to solve the very big problems for human beings who are approaching the earth in the future, such as food shortage and environmental destruction. I wanted to keep an eye on the trends in the future. Also, I’m thinking of taking a quick look at this book for the time being.

Also, starting with the story of the corona vaccine, there is no day when I don’t ask about genes and biotechnology in the media every day. I also would like to briefly review my knowledge about biotechnology, so I read this book. I used it as a reference. For those who want to know the safety of the corona vaccination, I would like you to pick it up.