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A Solo Patent Attorney Option

Jan 6, 2024

A Solo Patent Attorney Option

Recently, I found a person in another profession who has recently started her firm by herself with the same idea that I had been thinking about, and I empathized with what she was saying. I have written an article about why I decided to become an independent patent attorney and what I am thinking about as a solo patent attorney in the form of a note article (Japanese text only, paid article).

A Solo Patent Attorney Option

To briefly summarize,

What made me decide to work as solo patent attorney?

  • I can’t rely on people.
  • I wanted to live a little more freely since I had acquired qualifications, rather than working for an old-style Japanese company or patent firm because I was not physically able to do so.

Also, as something I try to keep in mind when working as a solo patent attorney,

  • If the main focus is on application representation, it will eventually become labor-intensive, and it is obvious that a one-person patent attorney will inevitably reach his or her limits.
  • Since I am doing everything independently, furthermore, I should consider the business that is not limited to being a patent attorney.
  • To make full use of IT, etc. to streamline operations as much as possible (since I have no intention of hiring patent clerks).

It it the summary of the content of note article.

By the way, I was wondering how many patent attorneys and patent attorneys abroad are working independently as a solo patent attorney, and if so, in what way (is there much change across borders due to the nature of the work). I don’t know if there are any, and I decided to ask the question from LinkedIn.

I hope to be able to introduce any feedback from LinkedIn on this blog as well.

*The photograph shows a squirrel seen in a park near the University of London.