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Gadgets in remote work

Feb 8, 2022

Gadgets in remote work

The workplace where I worked for about 2 years after becoming a corona is relatively flexible to work from home, and in 2021 I was working from home for about 70%, so I thought it would be nice to have the following gadgets. I would like to introduce a little (although there may be many small items).

First of all, it is a headset. As the number of online conferences increases, I think it would be better to have high-performance headsets. By the way, my skin is a little sensitive, but considering the hygiene of my ears, I also bought the following items. It can be washed by hand, so it is recommended for those who have itchy ears with a headset.

When I want to see my smartphone while doing something, I found it very convenient to have a smartphone stand. Originally, I bought it because I thought that I might have an online meeting on my smartphone, but I thought it is useful in various situations such as when eating lunch while listening to the clubhouse.

This was introduced in the story of an intellectual property lawyer who is familiar with personal computers and uses gadgets well, and I think it depends on the style, but I also have a type where two laptops sit on a desk. So, if it’s thin, it can be stored in this stand, and thanks to that, I was able to open up a lot of desk space, which is very useful.

At the end, it’s quite a hobby, but especially in winter, I’m worried about dryness, and even if I put on a humidifier, if I have something like this at hand, it will heal my eyes, and above all, it’s easy to handle. So (just put water in a cup etc.) I personally use it a lot in winter.