Patent dispute over meat substitutes Subsequently

Feb 12, 2023

Patent dispute over meat substitutes Subsequently

It’s been a little while, but I’ve been trying to find out what the IPR results have been since then regarding the patent dispute over meat substitutes that I mentioned earlier, and it seems that the results are already in.

Patent dispute over meat substitutes

Again, I looked up the results of this IPR from the USPTO’s PTAB website.


The result was a simple one: the requirement to initiate an IPR was apparently denied because “there is no reasonable likelihood that at least one claim will be found invalid” (35 U.S.C. 314(a) * U.S. Patent Law § 314(a)).

Also, this is another news source that is about 3 months old, but it seems to be working in favor of Impossible Foods in the infringement lawsuit (I will update this when I have the latest information).

Impossible Foods clears hurdle in imitation-meat patent lawsuit

By the way, it seems that Impossible Foods’ patent has been revoked in Europe due to opposition. However, it is not clear how this outcome will affect patent disputes in the U.S., as oppositions in Europe are often overturned by a trial (I had a bitter experience at work in the past…).

Motif FoodWorks continues to challenge Impossible Foods’ patents