Patent lawsuit over COVID-19 vaccine Subsequently

Feb 12, 2023

Patent lawsuit over COVID-19 vaccine Subsequently

We also looked online to see if there had been any movement on the patent litigation over the COVID-19 vaccine between Modela and Pfizer and Biontec, which began in the summer.

Patent Litigation over COVID-19 Vaccine

According to the source below, it appears that Pfizer and Biontec have filed a very strong rebuttal to the lawsuit.

COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Infringement? The Battle Between Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech Continues


We have not read through the details, but according to the above news source, Modela’s patents are unreasonably broad in scope, and in response to Modela suing them even though the pandemic is not over, and Modela’s promise not to enforce its patents during the pandemic’s duration has promised not to enforce its patents, Pfizer and Biontec appear to argue that Modela has granted implied licenses to third parties.

They also seem to claim that the U.S. government provided a huge amount of money for Modela’s mRNA vaccine development, and that there may be something hidden behind the relationship between the two.

We will continue to monitor developments in this case.

The photo was taken at the European Patent Office in The Hague, The Netherlands.