Next-generation food introduced on NHK

Oct 3, 2022

Next-generation food introduced on NHK

Today’s BS1 special, ” Food Revolution: What Will We Be Eating in 10 Years? The program introduced the next generation of food, including cultured meat, which was previously introduced in this blog.

Finally, it seems that these next-generation foods are attracting attention in Japan as well.

In fact, many of the companies featured in the program were listed on this site, which I use to gather information on food tech.

I believe that environmental issues and the development of biotechnology have contributed significantly to the spread of these next-generation foods and that countries like Japan, which have low food self-sufficiency, should focus on research and development of next-generation foods in light of recent energy issues and rising prices.

Of course, it is inevitable that there will be a certain number of people who are resistant to these next-generation foods, and there is the question of whether the public will accept them in terms of safety. Still, personally, I am always excited by the topic of food tech.