Patent dispute over meat substitutes

Oct 8, 2022

Patent dispute over meat substitutes

I’d like to talk about a patent dispute in the alternative meat industry that has been discussed in Clubhouse, where I’ve had the opportunity to speak from time to time.

Current status of meat substitutes

I was curious what has happened since then, so I did a little research.

In connection with the current patent infringement lawsuit filed by Impossible Foods against its competitor Motif, Motif is using the U.S. IPR system to try to invalidate Impossible Foods’ patents, and we looked into the outcome of the IPR.

For IPR, you can check the relevant documents from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board by entering the patent number (in this case, Impossible Foods’ patent number 10863761) in the Search box above and clicking the Search symbol. You can check the related documents.

As a result, it appears that Impossible Foods filed a Preliminary Response on July 29 to the IPR application filed by Motif on April 20 of this year.

Although we have not been able to follow the details, it seems that the grounds for invalidation in IPR are limited (novelty and non-obviousness), and Motif seems to be challenging both novelty and non-obviousness of the main claim 1 in a straightforward manner. And of course, Impossible Food, in its Preliminary Response, also argues against Motif, for example, that the disclosures include animal muscles, but our technology is a “muscle replica” and does not include muscles of animal origin.

IPR is usually finalized within 12 months of its commencement, we will continue to monitor the outcome of this case to see if a decision will be made in the spring of next year or if the two companies will settle before then.