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About the qualification added to the patent attorney

Feb 13, 2022

About the qualification added to the patent attorney

Today I would like to consider the qualifications added to patent attorneys.

Once you get some qualifications, you may get a habit of studying, and many people get a double license, but of course there are cases where you feel that you need it for business and get a qualification. As far as I know, I summarized it in a note, such as whether there are any major qualifications.

About the qualification added to the patent attorney

In my case, it’s a little strange, as I introduced in this article the other day.

An industry where it is essential to continue learning

After spending about two years learning about drug development in the pharmaceutical industry, I couldn’t get a pharmacist qualification, but I got a qualification as a registered seller. Briefly, it is a qualification to sell over-the-counter drugs such as second-class and third-class drugs at drug stores without a pharmacist.

I used only this one textbook for self-study, but I was able to pass it after studying for about a month and a half. Perhaps I had already some background knowledge in my head.

By the way, the other day, I was asked a question about patent translation and had a discussion, so I opened a book by Mr. Kuramasu for the first time in a while.

When I opened this book, although it became a little old book, even if I read it back now, the basics of patent translation are really summarized.