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SNS link summary service

Mar 21, 2022

SNS link summary service

Recently, the number of SNS for disseminating information has increased, and I found that there is a service called in an article of “note”(Japanese popular service). It seems very useful and I tried using it immediately.

EtoileIP Miwa Yoshida’s

This service seems to originate from Japan (so Japanese only?), but it seems that there are also those from overseas ( linktree ). The url is interesting 🙂

I found this summary service useful when only one link can be registered, such as Twitter. In my case, the LP of this blog summarizes the information of the sites and SNS that I have to some extent, but if there is such a service, it is possible to make self-appeal easy. I thought it was the perfect service for the coming era where personal branding is more and more important.

* The photo is of a teahouse at a shrine in Kyoto last fall. The “mitarashi dango”(Japanese sweet) after walking was really delicious.