About CRISPER / Cas9 patent dispute

Mar 9, 2022

About CRISPER / Cas9 patent dispute

I spoke as a speaker at Clubhouse (American Intellectual Property and Legal on Clubhouse) about the CRISPER / Cas9 patent dispute this afternoon.

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CRISPER / Cas9 is one of the genome editing technologies, and this groundbreaking technology is currently being used in all fields related to biotechnology.

On the other hand, regarding the patent related to CRISPER / Cas9, the University of California, to which the Nobel Prize-winning researchers belong, and the Broad Institute (Harbord University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which are said to have been the first to succeed in an application to mammalian cells. There is a fierce dispute between them, and patent disputes are ongoing with other organizations on related technologies. I talked about the fact that one of the conclusions of the US patent dispute that had been disputed was reached, and this time, in the US patent dispute, the Broad Institute won.

As mentioned above, CRISPER / Cas9 technology is widely used in medical applications and agricultural fields, and the problem with such patent disputes is that for companies that want to use it for commercial purposes, they cannot find which patents they should get licensed. It is also necessary to keep an eye on the progress of the patent dispute, which may hinder the development of the industry in the end, because the rights are unstable while the patent dispute continues. It seems that patent pools are being tried, but unlike other fields, especially in the medical field, it has taken the form of firmly protecting the core technology with a small number of patents, and this time about this epoch-making technology, I would like to keep an eye on the consequences of what kind of solutions will be taken from the perspective of patents.

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( 3) Genome editing technology CRISPR / Cas9-From the aspect of patents and licenses-

Regarding CRISPR / Cas9 technology, I think this book by Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Jennifer Doudna is relatively easy to understand and interesting to read.

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