FemTech and Intellectual Property

Mar 2, 2024

FemTech and Intellectual Property

I recently uploaded an article on FemTech in my note (in Japanese text only) that discusses the trends in Japan and around the world, as well as intellectual property.

FemTech – Japanese and Global Situation, IP Perspective

In Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) released data in FY2020.


The cutoff is 1. Menstrual field, 2. Pregnancy and infertility field, 3. menopause field. It provides a clear summary of the economic effects of each sector and a discussion of the impact it can have on the economy about women’s activities in society.

The infringement lawsuit in which Otsuka Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Equol, which is widely known in Japan as an anti-menopausal supplement, sued a company selling infringing products, and the suit was approved, is also briefly introduced in this report.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Supreme Court Decision on Patent Lawsuit Concerning Food Products Containing Equol

If we add more in-depth articles on the intellectual property of FemTech companies worldwide, we will continue to publish them in the form of paid articles in Japanese on the “note” or English in the form of paid articles for sale here.