Patent Status of WIPO GREEN Related Companies

Mar 2, 2024

Patent Status of WIPO GREEN Related Companies

We have recently introduced a little bit about WIPO GREEN here on our blog,

About WIPO GREEN and the material on the effective use of POME in Indonesia

Today, I would like to introduce a Chinese-based company called Sustainable Nutrition (iCell for short), which I mentioned in the article “Animal Feed Supplements”. I would like to introduce some of the patents applied for by this company.

Again, we took a quick look at the status of iCell’s patent application on Lens.org.

We were able to confirm 5 patents in the family unit and 7 patent applications.

Main countries of application: Malaysia, U.S.A., China

The applications are for “Method for Production of Aerobic Single Cell Proteins Using Autodigestion,” “Method for Extraction of Microbial Amino Acids by Sludge Acid Hydrolysis,” “Highly Active Graded Humic Acid and Method for Its Production,” “System and Method for Microbial Production,” and “Resource Recovery Method for Simultaneous Production of Microbial Feedstock and Treated Water Products.”
Of these, rights have been granted in Malaysia for “a method for the production of aerobic single-cell proteins using an autodigestion method.

Information from WIPO can be a good source of analysis for non-Japanese companies and for IP strategies in cases where Japan is not included in the countries covered by rights.