Patent Status of Lab-grown Seafood Related Companies

Aug 12, 2023

Patent Status of Lab-grown Seafood Related Companies

Last time (quite a while ago), I did a quick look at patents of companies related to cultured fish meat.

Cultured fish meat related companies and patents (with a focus on Israeli companies)

Umami Bioworks

In addition to our previous research, we will be keeping an eye on Umami Bioworks (formerly Umami Meats), a company from Singapore that announced its entry into the Japanese market in May of this year. Last year, the company filed a patent application for mesenchymal stem cell technology, which is expected to be made public soon.

Our technology platform
Product Applications :.
Machine learning-driven development of consumer desirable food applications
Manufactured by
Production of cultured/hybrid products based on UMAMI plug-and-play production architecture and automated process control
Process optimization :.
Accelerate development of low-cost, highly scalable production processes and tools for process QA using machine learning
Input Development :.
New inputs and components to reduce production costs and accelerate development
Cell line development :.
Selection of relevant species and development of stable, production-ready mesenchymal stem cell lineages with rapid doubling and differentiation times


As a cultured fish-related company, U.S.-based BlueNalu filed an international patent application last April for cell culture foods and related cells, compositions, methods and systems.

WO2022221261A2 – Cell-cultured food products and related cells, compositions, methods and systems – Google Patents Provided herein are culture medium, methods and systems

We would like to keep an eye on this company, including its intellectual property status.

Almost Eel®” without eel

Now, this is a bit of a departure from intellectual property, but I have heard that Kanetetsu Delicatessen Foods is selling Almost Eel®. I am curious to know how close it tastes to real eel. It appears to be sold over the internet only.

Almost Eel®,” which does not contain eels, has been powered up with the theme of “Cheer up for summer! The theme is “Cheer up for the summer! Also launching the excellent “Almost Eel® Cutlet” menu item! Press Release (June 6, 2023, 10:00 AM) Kanetetsu Delica Foods Co.

Mail order only! A new product in the “Almost” series of paste products that look just like the real thing. The “Almost” series of paste products, which faithfully reproduces the meat and skin of the eel, is a new product in the “Almost” series! | Japan Nationwide Oretaki Techo Kanetetsu Delicatessen Foods has launched a new product in its popular “Almost” series, which reproduces the taste, texture, and appearance of the real thing.