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About the transition of the blog

Feb 1, 2022

About the transition of the blog

I first tried to blog about 15 years ago, when I was still working for a foreign-affiliated IT company as an SE. I remember it as recommended by my seniors at that time. I think it was important to try to get on with the profession, the trendy IT trends, and to put it into practice on your own.

I started my first blog with Hatena. Somehow, I felt that the design and concept suit me. The Hatena blog is easy to use, and I think I’ve been doing it for the last two or three years. After that, mixi became popular for a while (nostalgic …), and since mixi is a closed environment, I have been blogging (or diary) with mixi for about 3 years. After that, I wrote two blogs for a free blog service that seemed like a trend. When I write it out like this, it looks like a person who writes blogs, but none of the blogs are updated so often, and I tried to bind some blogs, but the thickest one was mixi.

At first, I wrote one blog for the free blog service without worrying about my position, but at one point I found a rare illness in my age, and I was helped a lot by a blog for fighting illnesses of people who are in the same situation as me. So I decided to cut out the fight against illness blog and make it another blog, hoping that my experience would be useful for people in similar circumstances in the future. There are many fighting illness blogs in the world, but for example, the part that is not medical information, what kind of hospitalization test is, whether it hurts or not, what kind of attitude should be taken the day before, and what is convenient if you are in the hospital.

I think the good thing about blogging is that it is capitalized. I would like to continue this blog with such a mindset so that information that is useful to the IP industry and others (although there is a possibility that the element of just tweeting will become stronger).

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