Patent Dispute over Meat Substitutes – Part 3

Oct 29, 2023

Patent Dispute over Meat Substitutes – Part 3

It has been more than six months since I last wrote about the title,

Patent dispute over meat substitutes Subsequently

Impossible Foods has filed an appeal against the revocation of its patent in Europe, and we have followed up on the outcome of the appeal.

The patent being contested in Europe will be here.


According to the EPO’s European Patent Register, the patentee, Impossible Foods, has filed an Auxiliary Request for a set of five claims in addition to the main request, indicating that it is determined to maintain its rights at all costs. (In European patent oppositions, several proposed amendments are submitted as a set of claims, and during the oral proceedings, the parties discuss whether or not there are any amendments that can serve as a compromise. In some cases, during the oral proceedings, the proposed claim amendments may be rewritten on the spot, which can be a very tense situation.)

The objector, on the other hand, has also submitted a rather voluminous rebuttal, in which it seems to argue against the interpretation of the terms in the claims and the claim set submitted by Impossible Foods.

We will continue to watch for developments from time to time, as appeals concerning European patents are time-consuming.

In the next issue, I would like to write a sequel as a Food Tech & IP story, including whether there are any published patent applications in areas where I could not find patents before, such as cultured fish, coffee, etc.