Patent Status of GOOD Meat and UPSIDE Foods

Aug 5, 2023

Patent Status of GOOD Meat and UPSIDE Foods

Recently, there was news that cultured meat sales were finally approved in the United States.

In this issue of, we will take a brief look at the patent status of the two companies that have been granted permission to sell their products, GOOD Meat and UPSIDE Foods.
(Note that UPSIDE Foods had a quick look at the patent status in my article last year).

Good Meat

There are 3 patents in the family unit and 16 patents in number.
Main applicant countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Israel
Patents on in vitro avian food products, extruded food compositions containing cultured animal cells and methods for their production, and food products containing cultured bovine cells and methods for their production.

Note that the parent company, Eat Just, seems to have 5 patents in the family unit and 19 patents in number, which means that the majority of Eat Just’s patents belong to Good Meat.

Also, as a small note, it appears that Eat Just has a patent application in Japan regarding azuki beans.
Functional compositions derived from adzuki beans


Reprinted from the following article.

41 applications under the name Memphis Meats and 29 under the name UPSIDE Foods.
Main applicant countries: USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Israel, Singapore, Mexico, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Spain
Patents on cell culture for cultured meat, etc. There are also joint applications with universities and other organizations.
The application was filed in Japan but was rejected.
Methods for the formation and culture of expandable skeletal muscle systems

→I checked again and found 24 patents as UPSIDE Foods in the form of family units and 101 as Patent Records.
Since there is a 1.5 year time lag between the filing of a patent application and its publication, it can be seen that many patent applications have been filed in the last 1 or 2 years. (Memphis Meat’s Patent Records also showed a slight increase to 43 patents, which may also prove the increase in the number of patent applications in the last 1 or 2 years.)