Current status of meat substitutes

Feb 19, 2022

Current status of meat substitutes

The other day (2022.2.18), I talked about meat substitutes as a speaker at Clubhouse (American Intellectual Property and Legal on Clubhouse). While mainly explaining the technology that is the secret to the deliciousness of meat substitutes from Impossible Foods of the United States, we will introduce Japanese patents on meat substitutes using eringi, and what kind of positions will meat substitutes take in the future.

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According to various investigations, it seems that there is no place in Japan where you can eat the meat of Impossible Food Co., Ltd., but recently in some Fast Food stores, you can eat plant-based putty hamburgers. Actually, I ate a muffin with soy hamburger at Starbucks the other day, and it was very delicious without any discomfort.

Soy hamburger English muffin

I found a well-organized book written in Japanese about new food techs that are environmentally friendly, including the latest meat substitutes (the right is the original). Not only meat, but all foods such as fish and dairy products are currently being sought for new production methods.

This is not a food tech, but when I was investigating alternative meats and the latest food tech this time, I found some that used fungi, and I wondered if this book could be read interestingly about the details and usage of fungi.

In the future, the alternative meat and the cultured meat that I talked about at the clubhouse the other day will probably establish their position as a new choice of meat products. I think that the current issue is to inform the general public about the price and safety, but it is not limited to vegetarians, for example, this week we want to reduce the intake of animal meat, so meat substitutes. Nowadays food shortages are a problem, meat lovers should choose these new genres of food as a new and positive option that is good for the earth and their health.