WIPO GREEN and the material on the effective use of POME in Indonesia

Jan 28, 2024

WIPO GREEN and the material on the effective use of POME in Indonesia

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I regret that I ignored WIPO GREEN while watching food tech.

I recently learned that alternative fats are getting a lot of attention in food tech, and one of the reasons for this is the production of palm oil, which is dependent on Indonesia and other countries, I found a document from WIPO GREEN about the effective use of the waste liquid (POME) from palm oil factories in Indonesia, so I spoke with Spotify about the following items that were of particular interest to me.

  • About Compost and Fertilizer Production
  • About Biochar Production
  • About Animal Feed Supplements
  • About Green Hydrogen projects

The documents can be downloaded below.

Resources www3.wipo.int


From the viewpoint of food tech, I have been watching palm oil production, for example, because the production areas of palm oil are unevenly distributed around the world. The production of palm oil in those areas has caused various environmental problems, such as the impact of greenhouse gases due to the logging of tropical rainforests, and human rights issues for the local people working in those areas. Rather than relying on a biased region, we were looking for a solution to this problem through research and development of alternative fats.

I found it very interesting to learn from the WIPO GREEN materials that these environmental issues related to palm oil are being approached from a local perspective and a different point of view. In addition, item 3, iCell, an initiative by a foreign company to use its technology with its patents, was also very informative from the viewpoint of an intellectual property expert.