Plant Molecular Agriculture and Patent Analysis – Part 2

Sep 29, 2023

Plant Molecular Agriculture and Patent Analysis – Part 2

This is a continuation of the following plant molecular agriculture and patent analysis that we recently uploaded.

Plant Molecular Agriculture and Patent Analysis – Part 1

As before, we refer to this article, which explains plant molecular agriculture and the companies that are active in this field in a very simple way.

What is Plant Molecular Agriculture? (Japanese)

In this issue, we will look at patent information on two companies that produce proteins used in non-food products.

Tiamat Sciences

Initially started by a woman who worked as a biochemist in the pharmaceutical industry, the patent information indicates that the company is based in Belgium. Tiamat harnesses the power of plants to provide recombinant proteins that reduce carbon emissions and are animal-free at low cost.

There is one patent per family unit and five patent applications in number.
Main applicant countries: Israel, Australia, Canada
The application is filed for synthetic products of plant origin.

Bright Biotech

As mentioned in the above article, Bright Biotech is a start-up company from the UK that uses genetically modified plants to produce growth factors at minimal cost and in excellent yields. Growth factors are an integral part of cultured meat production and are attracting much attention.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that they were looking at patent applications of another company under a similar company name, and as far as I could tell from my cursory check on, I could not see any patents that this company has applied for.

In the future, we would like to keep an eye on the patent application trends of companies active in the field of plant molecular agriculture.