Consortium movement on food tech

Mar 30, 2023

Consortium movement on food tech

There was a news recently that companies related to protein development through precision fermentation, etc. have formed an alliance,

Precision Fermentation Alliance

In Japan, Osaka University, Shimadzu Corporation, ITOHAM Yonekyu, Toppan Printing, and Sigmaxyz have established the “Cultured Meat Future Creation Consortium.

Osaka University, Shimadzu Corporation, ITOHAM YONEKYU, TOPPAN PRINTING and SIGMAXIS Establish “Consortium for the Future Creation of Cultured Meat Research Promotion Center Established at Osaka University

Osaka University, Shimadzu, and Four Other Companies Establish Consortium to Develop Cultured Meat Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Shimadzu Corporation, Itoham Yonekyu Holdings, Toppan Printing, and Sigmaxis have formed a consortium to develop cultured meat in 2023.

According to an article headline in Nikkei Biotech,

These companies will work together to launch full-scale development with the aim of exhibiting manufacturing facilities at the Japan International Exposition (Osaka Expo) in 2025.

It is likely that industry, government, and academia will become increasingly active in food tech-related activities in Japan.