Summary of food tech laws and regulations

Mar 13, 2023

Summary of food tech laws and regulations

Today, I would like to introduce a column published by the Japan Cellular Agriculture Association regarding information on laws and regulations related to food tech, which I found very easy to understand.

*Trends in the Formation of Relevant Laws, Regulations and Rules in Japan

First, here is a column written by a lawyer that provides information about the current status of laws and rule-making in Japan.

Trends in Japan’s Related Laws, Regulations, and Rule Formation (Japanese text only)

As for the protection of intellectual property related to food produced from cells, such as cultured meat, the protection of intellectual property in the category of cell therapy drugs and cell therapy in the pharmaceutical field may serve as a reference. In Japan, the examination standards were revised several years ago to facilitate the recognition of use inventions for food products.

*For regulatory information related to food tech in the U.S.

I first learned about GRAS through this column. The column is written by a person who is actually active in the U.S. food tech industry, so the content is very specific and easy to understand.

What you need to know! Behind the Scenes of American Precision Fermentation -Food Related Government Agencies and “GRAS” Certification (Japanese text only)

What you need to know! Behind the Scenes of U.S. Precision Fermentation – “GRAS” Application Program and the Process to Obtain Certification (Japanese text only)

I would like to travel to the U.S. this year if possible, and when I do, I would like to try out a number of things about the local food tech situation from the perspective of a consumer.